Outsourcing Services

PACT has vast experience and expertise in setting up independent teams of personnel who can be utilized by organizations for a variety of job functions ranging from sales to customer service and operations. We offer you the flexibility of having your workforce operate from your branch offices or any other location. The team hired in this manner can function without actually being on your bank’s payrolls.

More than 10 of the Middle East’s top banks have placed their confidence in us for their staffing needs. Our ability to anticipate our client’s business needs combined with our commitment to ensuring their success has helped us build many relationships which have lasted for as long as we have been operating.

Benefits of Pact’s Outsourcing Services

  • Increased Efficiency: Your staff will be also freed up to focus more on their core competencies improving their efficiency. Pact’s experience in setting up the perfect outsourcing model for your business will surely give your firm a great competitive advantage.
  • Improved turn-around time: Outsourcing to Pact will help you cut down on time taken to hire and train resources, set up infrastructure and define processes enabling you to get started right away. Improve your turn around time, delight your customers and make major savings in terms of cost with our proven services.
  • HUGE savings: Outsourcing staff to share the workload of your employees will help you save investments on research, development, marketing and operations. This benefit can then be passed on to your customers. Pact’s outsourcing model also helps convert your fixed costs into variable costs freeing up your capital and giving you the ability to accomplish peripheral tasks using highly skilled resources with greater ease and efficiency.
  • Reduced Risks: Pact does everything within its control to make sure that your outsourced workforce has the right skills to perform the tasks required of them. Being experts in the area will help them absorb and mitigate risks associated with the tasks better.
  • Training ground for future employees: When you outsource you not only gain the flexibility to have a workforce that aren’t on your rolls, you also prepare a training ground for future hires who can be absorbed into your organization based on proven performance.
  • Compliant with local rules and regulations: Pact Recruitment is well versed with rules and regulations associated with employment in the Middle East and our expert workforce will ensure that your set up is compliant with all government laws and regulations. We’ll also assist you in managing your headcount issues in line with the norms.

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